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New Texas Law Targets Illegal Mexico Border Crossings

Texas passed a new immigration enforcement law again, this time giving its state police officers the authority to arrest people suspected of illegally crossing the Texas-Mexico border. And, once again, the federal government has sued Texas to block the state law. The U.S. Constitution says that immigration as a solely federal where only the federal government can make law and policy--not the states. This isn't the first time Texas has tried to create its own immigration laws. In 2022, the state sued ICE's decision to prioritize which types of immigration cases it would enforce. It has also tried to challenge the Biden Administration's decision to terminate the use of Title 42 to control attempted entries at the southern border. The newest state law on arrest authority of illegal border crossers is scheduled to go into effect on March 5, 2024, unless enjoined by a court. Read about the Texas law here:

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