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The G-56 Call-In Letter from ICE

Many individuals who seek immigration benefits in the United States will not have any contact with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"), the enforcement immigration agency within the Department of Homeland Security. But one of my clients did, and she received a G-56 letter from ICE. In plain terms, ICE issues a G-56 to non-U.S. citizens when they want the individual to report to an ICE office. It is known as a "call-in" letter. ICE can have any number of reasons for issuing a call-in letter. My client was, understandably, a little shaken up over having received the G-56. I wrote her a thorough email explaining the purpose of the G-56 letter, including what would happen when she did report to ICE. I spent so much time on the email, that it ended up inspiring me to pitch the topic of a G-56 to my editor at Nolo Press. You can check out the article here:

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